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It Is My Dream To Bring A Spark From The Past Into A Flame For The Future


Primitive Trails

It Is My Dream To Bring A Spark From The Past Into A Flame For The Future

  Hello, I'm Steve, I was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee, Greeneville
the birthplace of a very famous frontiersman.. David Crockett. Unlike Davy, however, I Chose to stay in the mountains. I have been a student of history and art for thirty years..  It is my calling in life.  My passion lies in the ability to teach and share my knowledge and skills with people from all walks of life. Native American, Frontier Skills and  Craftsmanship.  I display my art in many fine galleries here at home and abroad.  I have researched the techniques and materials used by the early frontiersmen and native people , including the weaponry and hide tanning for clothing and moccasins.

  My art comes from the gift, that came with me when I entered this world on October 7, 1958. I have discovered the best academy anyone could ever hope to attend is the one called Life . I am involved with local state parks, helping to promote the heritage and history of this area. Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park being one. I am involved with Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area, helping to tell the story of the battle of Kings Mountain and a turning point of the American Revolution.  I am an Interpreter of the everyday lifestyles of the early frontiersmen, the hunting techniques , trapping , primitive fishing , shelter building and woodlore.
My Art, is a compelling desire, that needs to be fulfilled, one even I can't  explain... How it feels to create a piece of Art that seems to have an essence of its own... from a power greater than my own. My genealogy Goes back to 1780 and the battle of King's Mountain. Thomas Morgan fought with the Patriot Militia. Thomas was a great, great.... grandparent.

  I have been involved in a Movie, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel . You will find the link to the movie trailer on my links page. I am a member of the  Over Mountain Victory Trail Assoc. , NMLRA, Contemporary Longrifle Assoc. and The Pioneer friends of Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, The Rock Castle River Longhunter Assoc. I have  recently been accepted in Cambridge Who's Who. Iam the historical interpreter for the Overmountain Victory Trail Association. We are in partnership with the National Park Service. We program every year for thousands of fourth and fifth graders and programs for adults too. we tell the story of the route to the battle of Kings Mountain. The southern campaign of the American Revolution. I have received a lifetime achievment awrd from the East Tennessee Heritage Foundation. A patriot award from the National Park Service.


​ It has been my observation that people seem to be migrating back to basics or what today's society would call The Primitive Arts. There was a time when America was new and the opportunity for great exploration was within reach. A time when everyday objects was crafted with skill and pride. The Native peoples who enriched our lives with their colors and beautiful utilitarian works of art. The early homesteaders who etched out their survival from the land, and made everything that was needed to help sustain their lives. Today we visit these gems from our past in Museums...

There's no greater pleasure than to carry a fine handmade rifle and accouterments. Following a unmarked trail through the deep forest. Walking in the footsteps of those who have gone on before...In a time when things are so fast paced and hectic is food for the soul to walk quietly feeling the earth beneath moccasin-ed feet. Listening to voices of the past whispering through the leaves on a warm breeze.

I like to think when a piece of my work goes to a new home, It will give the owner a little glimpse into the yester-years and bring the imaginings of being in a time and place that was once only told by the campfire or read in a book.           

 Steve Ricker

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